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Posted by Larry Locara on April 29, 2012 at 5:25 PM


In the light of requests for us towrite about fighting at night, we are hereby publishing this blog onthe use of SuperMax for night fighting. Indeed with the popularity ofderbies, “ulutans” and hack fights that extend up to earlymorning, the owner and his handler should be skilled in preparing andpointing his cocks and stags so that they are at their peak orhighest point by the time they enter the ring.






For the stags and cocks to be at itshighest point at the time of fight, there should be factors thatshould be considered:



One should have a schedule of the fights so that he knows the fight sequence and can estimate the time of fight for each of the cocks in the show. He should also be able to compute how many fights per hour so that he can accurately estimate the time of the fight and thus feed and empty the cocks as scheduled. For example, at the Iloilo Coliseum, it is usual for fights to range between 7 to 9 fights per hour for the first 30 fights during derbies then it drags to about 6 to 8 as the derby progresses. It is therefore easy for the handler to estimate his feeding and if he administers his pointing pills, apply them accurately;

If one uses the air conditioned cock house, one should have both a thermometer and a hygrometer so that he can estimate both temperature and ambient moisture to ensure both comfort and condition of the cocks. If the room is too humid, the cock will absorb moisture while if too dry, it will likewise dry up the cocks to much.

First Aid kit which should contain all the necessary equipment, supplements and medicines needed during the derby or hack fight. Our first aid kit contains everything we need, from supplements like amino acids, multivitamins, stimulants, candies and the usual feeds that we give;






The most crucial activity when preparing the cocks and stags for the ring or pit is feeding andemptying. This is most important when fighting during the night andone has to learn the basics of chicken metabolism to have a clearunderstanding of feeding and emptying. All those who succeed ashandlers know this either through a formal learning through cockingschools or by experience. I learned mine through intensive researchand my great luck to be a consultant in many aspects so much so thatI have freedom to observe many handlers do their tricks and thuscreate my own methods.



There is a slight difference between emptying a cock and a stag and among the different breeds ofgamefowls. One has to learn by heart the nature of the stags andcocks he is preparing to show. With heavy types of fowls, especiallythe dark legged cocks, they perform best when empty and slightlyhungry. With the light ones like the Round heads, one has to ensurethey are only empty or else they will lose their cool at the time offight.






Assuming one has followed the routines especially those who have adopted the SuperMax Conditioning andPointing System, the activities during the day of fight should beeasy and like clock work.



As soon as you arrive at the cockpit early morning, look at the schedule. If it is not yet available, feedyour show according to your daily routine. Usually, we feed about onehour after we arrive when the cocks have settled and have rested. Weusually feed only about 15-20 grams of the pointing feed. If we stilldon't know the schedule, we hold giving the third set of SuperMax andwe darken the cock house totally to simulate night and thus force thecocks to rest.



As soon as we get the schedule, we immediately estimate the time of fight for each of the show and thusgive additional feed at 8 hours before each bird's schedule. Forexample, if promoters say that they will start the fights (Fight No.1) at 5 PM and our first fight is No. 14, that fight will be about6:30 to 7:30 PM so we can feed again at 10 AM about 15 grams and givethe third set of SuperMax. If the next fight is No. 25, that will beabout 8:30 PM so we can feed that particular stag at 12 noon and giveit its dose of the third set of SuperMax.



It is important that the handler should drop the birds every hour for the first three hours so that theyempty their intestinal droppings and avoid crop bound. If they won'tmove about and hold the droppings, we usually get a teaser cock toinitiate the animal instinct of emptying prior to a fight. As soon asI see the last part of the intestinal droppings, I usually drop onlyevery two hours thereafter so that I don't empty them fast enough tocreate deep hunger. I also prolong emptying by a few bits of bananaas soon as I see the last of the intestinal dropping. The cecaldropping will also be crucial since in just 30 minutes or so theurate will also drop and by then the cock will manifest signs ofpoint which should be timed when one is called to limber.



If the fight is estimated at about 6:30PM, we usually give the last set of three capsules of SuperMax atabout 4 to 4:30 PM. If we are short of time, we just cut off the topof the capsules and push them all the way to the throat so that thepowder starts to dissolve as soon as it hits the crop. We follow thedose with a dip of water to speed up the dissolution process. If the cock gets hungry at about 5:30 PM by being restless in the stall, we limber him and give him 1 gram of banana (saba) and a small dip ofwater. But if he doesn't dip, don't worry.



ALWAYS FEEL THE CROP OF THE COCK SOTHAT YOU WILL KNOW ITS STATUS. If it didn't empty, you have a problem with the protocol you followed starting 14 days before the fight. Imay be that you haven't given prophylaxis and there is internal infection. If may be that you did not limber him enough when you arrived at the cockpit. If the cock is too feverish, it is an indicator of many problems which will be hard to troubleshoot.



You may also give another dose of Amino acid tablet (1/4) or 0.1ml injection if needed especially if stressed out.


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Reply carlo b gallardo
1:08 AM on July 10, 2012 
thank you for sharing these pointing method
12:43 PM on December 29, 2012 
Reply vincent
8:43 AM on March 11, 2013 
sr saan po ako pwdi makabili ng supermax?mero po bang pang enject,pwdi po bang pashare ng inyung condationing method....thanks alot...!

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