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Posted by Larry Locara on March 27, 2010 at 10:54 AM

When we first introduced SuperMax, we were asked why we named it so. SuperMax is a contraction of two phrases: SUPERIOR ENERGY AND POWER, and, MAXIMUM WIND OR OXYGEN LEVEL. Our reasons are simple: We have created two supplements our of the various supplements in the market used by world class athletes and modified them to suit fighting cocks and specifically for the knife fights popular in the Philippines, Asia and Mexico. With today's deadly knives, we have to prepare our roosters so that they get in the first devastating blow.

The set of capsules good for one (1) cock or stag consists of 4 SUPERMAX capsules, 3 OXYVIT capsules and one (1) GLUCOSE capsules, packed in one (1) set with written instructions on when to apply them. The only purpose of SuperMax is to bring your rooster to its maximum point.

"POINT" as defined by most cockers is best described as the condition by which the rooster is ready to fight with its energy level reaching the optimum. Our investigation and interviews with breeders, feeders and handlers have led us to conclude that many of our brothers in sport has ONLY a general idea of the word "POINT" and they also have a general idea whether or not their roosters have indeed reached their maximum or even just optimum point at the time of the fight.

Before we even researched on the various supplements that may help bring our own roosters to their optimal pointed condition, we dissected the word and made our own definition. In our view, POINT is the condition by which the roosters have attained the maximum potential energy and oxygen level as stocked in the cells where energy production and utilization is actually done.

By going down to cellular actions, we realized that bringing our roosters to their pointed condition is simply a matter of feeding the right food, giving the right exercises and providing a good environment for them to rest in the last 3-4 days before fighting. The process therefore is not far from the regimen that coaches require their super athletes to undertake. The only difference is that chickens are smaller and they have a slightly different kind of metabolism or the process by which food is taken and utilized.

So we dug deep into the various nutritional and training systems given to chickens by the feeders and handlers, old and new. We took time to read articles and books from the time this sport started , giving utmost attention to authors who have done well as evidenced by their success in derbies, hackfights and mains. We also researched on human athletics and how successful coaches brought their athletes into top form to win in to competitions like the Olympics, championship bouts and world sports events.

In  the course of our research, we discovered many supplements, both traditional and ultra modern that helps and all of them relate to cellular energy development and utilization. And as we dug deep, we realized that all these redound to a simple chemical reaction within the cell, particularly at the mitochondria where compounds like the ATP diffuses for the chemical reaction that makes mitochondria reverberate .

The blow that we make when we strike the opponent, as in a straight jab, hook or cross is the sum total of the reaction at the cellular level. Continuous action is a result of the continuous chemical reaction at the mitochondria. During the first few seconds of exertion, the anaerobic pathway of energy development takes place. After this burst of extreme energy release, the aerobic energy pathway takes over. This is the phenomenon where adenosine triphsphate (ATP) meets with  oxides to explode. In the process of explosion, energy is released and water is produced while ATP is reduced to adenosine diphosphate (ADP). To create another round of ATP + O2 explosion, ADP has to be reconverted to ATP within miliseconds to sustain work or exertion. Aside from relying on ADP from ATP reduction, ADP has also to be produced from adenosine monophosphate (AMP).

So when we finally were able to understand the complexity of energy production we related it with cockfighting or sabong as we call it in the Philippines. Sabong to many Filipinos is simply cockfighting with the deadly knife or "tari" attached to the left leg. The objective is to win by killing the other rooster and getting the win counted. With knives getting deadlier by the minute, the aim of all handlers is to get in the first powerful blow without getting hurt in the process. Thus words such as blinding speed and fast breaks  were coined as the major goals of each handler.

Collaterally, we studied the phenomenon in cockfights where there are times when both roosters get to the drag and has to last the 10 minutes regulation time. If your rooster had not been fed and exercised well enough,  they cannot sustain powerful blows after one minute of intense fighting. These two major problems became our focus:  TO FIND THE RIGHT MIX OF SUPPLEMENTS TO ENABLE OUR ROOSTERS TO ATTAIN BLINDING SPEED WITH MAXIMUM POWER IN THE FIRST MINUTE OF THE FIGHT AND SUSTAIN ENERGY IN THE EVENT OF A DRAG FIGHT.

After almost two (2) years of research, we narrowed down to 4-5 supplements used by athletes and which are available in sports and health stores. We also found out that these supplements worked better with catalysts and reactants and we proceeded to experiment on the various levels where we conditioned our roosters and fought them in actual knife battles, first in brushfights (tupada, tari-tari, incierro)then later in derbies. After more than 100 actual fight experiments, we finalized and standarized our formulation knowing that it was ready for a wider audience. 

We started releasing SuperMax in early 2008 after our successful entry in the 1st UGBAP 5 Cock Derby at the Iloilo Coliseum in February 11, 2008. We also joined and presented a pointing system where users can choose to use even without the pointing capsules. The reception was mixed. Some were not ready to accept a Filipino-invented system but many responded positively.

Detractors were really harsh and vicious and we had no recourse but to challenge them to a main where we invited them to come to Iloilo City, Philippines then we buy 5 sets of roosters from a backyard breeder and we pit brothers against brothers. The condition was that we buy on a Friday, point for the next two days and fight on Sunday in a cockpit 40 kilometers away so that we will be able to test our skill in pointing, travelling and even tying the knife. There were no takers. Either they had some respect for us or they simply would not gamble to fight against a new system, more of the "fear of the unknown".

Since then, SuperMax has carved its own niche in the cocking world!

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