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Posted by Larry Locara on April 28, 2010 at 12:54 PM

Despite the heavy schedule, let me explain briefly our prevention program in our small yard. As of this date, April 28, 2010, we have about 60 roosters, 25 hens, 50 stags and about 20 pullets. Our area is about 500 sq. meters so we are quite crowded and in short, prone to disease intrusion. So there is a need for a stringent disease prevention program which I would like to explain very briefly. Given time, I may be able to write a longer blog about it. I am writing  in English because I can type fast in this language.

1. USE HIGH QUALITY FEEDS PACKED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS. Nutrition is our first line of defense against diseases. Healthy chicks have high resistance against disease attacks. We use BMeg Derby Ace according to schedule from Day 1 to 2 months and shift to Bmeg Integra 2000 from 2 to 6 months. After the 6th months, we use either the BMeg Maintenance Pellets or the Hog Starter Pellets when the Maintenance pellets are not available.

2. WE USE PROBIOTICS HEAVILY. We make our own probiotics using a procedure modified from the process developed by the Japanese scientist Teruo Higa. Since 2002, we had been using this and our mortality is way below the average and further more, our chicks seem to be healthier than most. Often, visitors  wonder why our chicks are healtier despite the  wetness of the area and the density of our chicken and even human population.  Not only that we feed our chickens with probiotics, we also spray the surroundings with diluted probiotics. They seem to work and the proof is what we have stated above.

3. USE HERBS REGULARLY. We use various herbs and vegetables not only as part of the diet but part of the drinking water. We usually pound malunggay and gotu kola leaves and add 1 tsp of the freshly pounded leaves to 1 liter of water along with the probiotics. Malunggay provides many nutrients including amino acids which are needed for muscle development. Gotu kola improves the immune system and seem to help in stimulating the young birds tomove about more vigorously.

4. REGULAR DEWORMING: Monthly deworming is a must and we use common dewormers like levamisole especially those for pigs because we save about 70% instead of using tablets and caplets. For tape worm we use a liquid praziquantel formula.

5. PERIODIC ANTI LAMARIAL DOSE. chickens need periodic application of antimalarial medicine so give monthly even if malaria is not present. You might encounter a bird stricken with malaria and once mosquitos bite it and bite yours too, malaria has intruded into your yard or farmm.

6. IMMUNIZATION PROGRAM. Follow the immunization programs being freely given by vet companies. They will help you. We vaccinate against La Sota and B1B1 but seldom immunize with fowl Pox since we easily cure fowl pox with home remiedies.

Till next time. 4/28/10

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11:07 AM on April 30, 2010 
Reply larry locara
5:22 PM on May 2, 2010 
Estimate about 3-5 grams of Malunggay ang Gotu kola leaves and crush or pound it in a mortar. Add the juice and the pulp in one liter of probiotic solution

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